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Most dealerships treat their customers like just another sale, NOT AT AUTOSNAP. We are with you from the very beginning and even after you take your vehicle home. We are in this for the long term relationship we build with every single person that gave us the opportunity to earn their business.

It’s important that we go through the sales process in detail with you, help you pick out the vehicle you want, walk you through your credit report, help you with debt consolidation, credit rebuilding and so much more. Regardless of your financial situation, we are here to help and make you feel comfortable. WE KNOW YOU HAVE FEELINGS JUST LIKE US and that's why we are the best at what we do.

No dealer understands finance as we do, so there is no shame in reaching out to us for help and to get the vehicle of your dreams. We also accept any type of credit situation, and you will be glad you choose to work with us & we are so confident you will sing our praises to your friends and family!!!
Yes, all trade-ins are accepted at a fair market price. You will need to get your vehicle appraised by us so we can determine what your vehicle is worth prior to trading in & we will even tell if you're better off selling your vehicle privately. That's another level of honesty and transparency you will never get anywhere else.
We want to earn your trust and your business and we do so by being transparent with all documentation including CARFAX and a full mechanical fitness inspection. If there are any other documents you want to see...just ask!!
We have an incredibly high rate of approvals, even if you’ve been declined before. The process of auto financing with us is easy, hassle-free and quick, not to mention we MATCH you with the LENDER that will get you approved the first time.

So, if others have said NO to you, DON'T worry. Just fill out our ONLINE APPLICATION or CALL US to get started and we will give you status UPDATE within 24 hours.
The key to rebuilding your credit is to make your payments on time, and not just for your vehicle. This applies to all your bills including phone, utilities, credit cards, and others. One of the best ways to rebuild credit is to get an installment loan (like auto financing).

If you show the credit bureau that you can be responsible for your installment loan, you prove to them and the banks that they can trust you will pay future loans. This does take time and some guidance, but don’t worry, we are here to help you get started and guide you along the way.
If you live in Canada, Yes!

As a matter of fact, many of our clients are from out of province. You can come by and pick up your vehicle, or we can arrange to have it delivered to you.